Maintain Your Myrtle Beach Home's Comfort With Preventive Maintenance

Bring in Little River and Myrtle Beach, SC's premier HVAC company for service

Noticing an increase in your heating and cooling costs? Think your air conditioner isn't putting out as much cold air as it should? It may be time for seasonal maintenance. Dwight's Heating & Air Conditioning can make a house call and check your system to ensure it is operating efficiently and effectively.

In addition to air conditioner maintenance, we can also inspect your residential or commercial heating system. We'll visit your home twice a year to inspect your system and recommend any necessary repairs. Our HVAC contractors will clean your unit to improve its performance and make sure your heating, ventilation and cooling system is in great condition.

Schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance by calling Dwight's Heating & Air Conditioning at 843-457-2075.

HVAC maintenance services in Little River, South Carolina

Looking for a reliable HVAC contractor to service your system? Dwight's Heating & Air Conditioning can help. During our summer and winter maintenance checks, our team will inspect all of your heating and cooling system components, including:

  • Electrical motors
  • Coils
  • Drains
  • Air filters, and more

We'll carefully clean your system and replace any air filters that are clogged. Reach out to Dwight's Heating & Air Conditioning for your seasonal maintenance.